So… What’s new?

An Abbreviated List of the Life of Julia West Over the Past Year or So:
with only a few images because that’s what you get for not totally documenting your life

  1.  I moved to an amazing apartment with my boyfriend
  2.  I dyed my hair red (YES FOR REAL)
    Oh ya. I’m a redhead now
  3.  I started a new job
  4.  I had a health scare
  5.  I found a new hobby / mini-business doing embroidery
    This custom sign lived in my living during a party and about 4 people almost took it home
  6.  I had a loved one pass away
  7.  I turned 26
  8.  I ate “clean” (kinda) for a month
  9.  I started working out
  10.  I learned a little about investing
  11.  I listened to a million podcasts, watched a million TV shows
  12.  I went to Iceland
    We made it 🇮🇸
  13.  I took professional-looking photos for a friend (which aren’t out yet)
  14.  I got a new baby niece
  15.  I decided just to do me, and not really care?

Well, that’s a good life update for now…  Posts that are IN THE WORKS:

  • apartment photos & design things
  • starting my etsy and embroidery
  • where i want to travel in 2018
  • how Whole30 went
  • what working out is doing for me (actually nothing right now but like, we’ll see…)
  • what my health scare was and how I’m dealing
  •  and probably more roundups of things that I want to buy but haven’t won’t
  • beauty products that i’ve grown to love/hate over the past year


and how do i turn the double-spacing off?

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