Let’s Be Matching!

While I have been on my prolonged aforementioned hiatus from anything blog-like, I’ve (no surprisingly) found new things to love!  In case any of you need an excuse to buy something new, or just want to be matching with me, here’s a list of things that I am currently loving and want/need/have in my life:

Zara SIlver Pleated Skirt.jpg

  1. Silver – all of it, all the time.  I admit it, I am a die-hard gold jewelry gal, but right now, give me a good silver boot or skirt (or shirt, or another skirt, you get it…) and I’m yours.  It may take a teensy bit of confidence to break out of my all-black-errything ensembles, but silver is basically just grey’s fancy cousin, right?  And grey is almost black I think.  So we’ll be fine.


  2. Everlane Tassel Loafers.  Okay, so I’m just a little obsessed with everything Everlane creates, mainly the shoes.  These are a perfect mix of preppy tennis-playing suburban dad and classic city fashion woman.  Honestly, I could most definitely use both the burgundy and black in my wardrobe… jury is still out on which pair of these babies will be my new Fall 2016 shoe. (Can we also talk about how cool the video of the loafers in action is on the PDP?  Way to go Everlane Digital Folk!).


  3. Celine Marta Sunglasses.  First, I cannot afford these, and I do not condone reckless spending (and $365 forone pair of sunglasses is generally considered reckless spending).  Second, I LOVE THESE FOREVER AND ALWAYS.  I’m looking for a wallet-friendly alternative, but the closest I can find are made by Illesteva – AKA, still out of price range.  So if anyone finds a more affordable option (I will lose them, so we’re talking cheap), hit a sista up.

    Glossier The Supers Serums.png

  4. The Glossier Serums.  Never fear, the Supers are here!  If you know me in real life, you know that I do not have Disney Princess skin.  It is more like 15-year-old-boy-after-a-fried-food-binge skin (more on that coming in a different post).  So, when a trio of essential skin-saving serums hits the market, I’m first in line (at least in my head).   And hey, if Byrdie likes them, I like them.

So many  more things to come, ladies (and gents if you’re out there)!  YES.

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