Five Fashion Finds

I do a lot of online window shopping – I don’t buy, but I create “when I can afford it” lists, and some brands just keep popping up!  So here’s a  roundup of a few of my top favorite lust-worthy brands and the absolute best things they are selling (IMHO).  Let’s do this.

1. Everlane
I found Everlane a few years ago and was amazed at the company’s “Radical Transparency” platform.  They disclose everything to their consumers: where they get their materials, who makes their products, and the actual cost of the process.  Everlane was started by a  twenty-something who wanted good quality basics without an insane markup.  (I feel ya, man!!!).  After swooning for months, I bit the bullet and bought the  Modern Loafer in “Burgundy” and have worn them practically every day since .  These shoes are so well-made, you can feel the sturdiness of the leather and the stitching.  They are actually made to last.  Crazy idea, right??

2. Tiffany Kunz Jewelry
This is a newer brand for me, but every time I go to the site to stalk my favorite Star Bracelet I fall in love a little more with her simplistic, well-crafted jewelry (I guess there’s a theme going on here).   Her stuff is a pretty expensive, but it is the real deal!  She makes everything in her LA studio, using only reclaimed materials and fair trade stones.  Such a cool concept, and such a cute bracelet.

3. Nicole Vienna Watches
These watches are the definition of Instagram-worthy, and I need one (in a totally not-whiny tone).  Fully aware that marble in fashion is most likely a fleeting trend that I probably shouldn’t invest in, but WHO CARES.  This watch is so cool and relatively affordable, it is next on my “to buy” list.  Hopefully I will look as cool as all these Instagram girls and their perfectly fuzzy sweaters and mini succulents.

4. Reformation
You have all probably (maybe) heard of Reformation.  Because they’re perfect and their online presence is also perfect.  Their brand lies somewhere in the ideal land between California edgy/cool and flowery/feminine.   If you don’t look at the price tag, their wedding line (NOT wedding dresses, just dresses you wear to weddings) are perfect (time for a new word).  Below is the Winslow dress in “Sycamore”I mean, have you ever seen anything so beautiful?  I think not.

5.  Loeffler Randal
I found this designer when I went to a second-hand store and everything I picked up was made by them (someone in my neighborhood works for them and sells all the showroom samples).  After some quick in-store Googling, I found out that basically everything this brand makes is amazing.  Again, they are well-made basics that instantly add some edge and style to a normally boring wardrobe (mine.)   The bag I am swooning over?  This one:
Medium Rider bag in white

What are your favorite stores to shop in??  I’m always looking for recommendations!

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