Battle of the Blonde Shampoos

If you follow me on pretty much any social platform, you have probably seen some variation of this image:


It is because I am OBSESSED with this girl’s hair color (and everything else, let’s be for real).  This ashy-white, super cool blonde is everything I have ever wanted in my life.

So I walk in to the salon every 12 weeks or so (lazy.) armed with this image and a thousand others similar to this – girls with model-good looks and an effortlessly chic vibe with their white-ish grey blonde hair.  But…I basically panic and only want them to paint highlights, not do a single-process color (aka dye my hair), so I never end up with this crazy-cool tone.  Dumb.

BUT GUYS, never fear, I have a solution.  And it comes in the form of this:


Purple or silver shampoo is my new JAM!  I use it every time I was my hair, which is probably not enough (sorry mom, just protecting my color and being lazy again) and it really has transformed my shade.  I went from a normal golden-toned balayage to a brand new cool-girl hue with shampoo.  Absolute craziness, I’m telling ya.

Honestly, i didn’t even plan on doing a post about this because I figured it wouldn’t work as well as it did – so my before & after pictures are a little wonky.  CAN YOU TELL THE DIFFERENCE?

The image on the left is a few weeks ago when my highlights were fresh and I hadn’t discovered the magic of purple hair stuff.  Right is after using it a few times – the yellow tones are gone!  Amirite?  No joke, I used the shampoo about 4 times before  I started getting the comments – everyone at work thought I re-dyed my hair, but joke’s on them  because I DIDN’T!  (Done now.  I know you get it).

I am edging my way closer and closer to the top image.  Maybe in a few washes, I will get there.

I have used both Clairol Shimmer Lights and Schwarzkopf Color Freeze Silver Shampoo and have liked both, but think the Schwarzkopf is the better bet.  It is such a deep purple, your fingers and shower will be slightly stained.  That means it totally works and purple nails are worth it.

Also, an insider secret?  The conditioner isn’t worth it.  Leave the shampoo on for longer than you think – I leave it up to 10 mins while I literally just stand in the shower being warm. Rinse off in cold water for extra color-saving power if you have the guts.  Get a really nourishing, hydrating conditioner (I’m using this) and apply like normal.

YAY!!  Cool-girl chic here we come.



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