Pros & Cons of Working in Social Media

So if anyone has noticed, I have been gone for two weeks, which is AWFUL and the only excuse I have is work (not very original, I know).  So I guess now is a great time to bring up work!

My work is a little different than the typical 9-5 job.  Yes, I sit in an office at a computer from 9-5 (okay, fine, 9:30-6) every weekday, but it actually never stops.   I work as a social media manager for a major beauty brand, and it is so amazingly fun, but also incredibly draining.   Thinking about landing a job in social media?   Here’s a few pros and cons of the job.



  • Attend all the fancy and not-so-fancy events:  Social media community managers usually get to go to a lot of photo shoots and events to capture behind-the-scenes content.  Events are my favorite thing, and I NEVER pass up the opportunity to go someplace new.
  • Give ’em the love:  Commenting and liking people’s photos really make their day.  So many consumers look up to the brands they follow on social media platforms and get so excited to get some social media love in return!
  • Creative outlet:  The job allows room for creativity.  You are the person representing the brand to tons of people by taking pictures and writing copy (AKA captions) every day!  And try to be funny.  Funny is always good.
  • Real consumer feedback:  Being on social every day, you get to hear what consumers actually think about your products.  You basically are the keeper of all important company knowledge, ever.
  • Always changing:  Even though you will usually be on a computer or phone, things are constantly changing day-to-day.  Some days you are working from a photo or TV shoot, sometimes you are in endless meetings trying to explain Snapchat to 50 year old executives (it’s really hard actually), and sometimes you are staring at a phone screen for 8 hours straight.  C’est la vie.




  • It doesn’t stop:  You will always be looking at phone or computer screen. Always. It is an “always on” job – taking a real vacation is pretty rare.  Even if all posts are scheduled, you are still responsible for responding to people!  But try to keep a line between personal life and work.  Do your best to not let it totally consume you! You deserve to be a person and have a life too.
  • High pressure:  Unlike a lot of other jobs where mistakes can be corrected, social media cannot.  Once a post is up, it’s up (but a big shout-out to Instagram’s new-ish editing capability {hallelujah hands emoji inserted here}).  Also, for good or for bad, everyone with internet has the capability to see the results of your job.  That’s stressful, man!
  • Customer service:  “Community management” is a fancier way of saying customer service.  A lot of your responses will be “sorry” and “this is where it is carried in a store near you.”
  • Meaningless (?):  You Instagram, you don’t save lives.  Although some people do get very excited when their favorite brands engage with them, it’s not a lot.


Long story short:  Overall, this job is amazing and I love the industry and how quickly it changes.  All careers, including a career in social media, will have its ups and downs, but if you love what you do, the negatives don’t matter as much. 🙂


What do you do for work?  I love hearing career stories 🙂


PS – all images are from Pixabay.  It’s great.

4 responses to “Pros & Cons of Working in Social Media

  1. I’m so happy for you that you landed this job! I know you’ve been doing it for a while so it’s not brand new, but it’s just so awesome. And I’m sure it is a TON of work, but you’re so hardworking and intelligent so I know you crush it on the daily. And it’s definitely not meaningless!


  2. This is a great post! Any recommendations for sticking out in the application process? Did you directly contact a hiring manager? Or provide links to your personal social media accounts on your resume?


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