From Colourpop, With Love

IMG_2122This just in – matte lipsticks are my favorite (Side note – I don’t think the trend is forever).   These are from Colourpop, an affordable cosmetics company based in LA.  They’re ultra matte liquid lipsticks are the BEST.   Because I am the worst decision-maker ever and a really good budgeter, I bought the Kitty mini kit.

Buying these mini kits is the best way to go, because you can try a bunch of new colors that are super on-trend and you won’t feel guilty spending a million dollars on full-size product.

  1. Times Square – “muted beige pink”IMG_2133This was way better than I thought it was going to be!  It was the first i tried on and have worn in about 4 times since.  So, like every day.  It’s a great neutral-brown, without being full-90’s grunge.
  2. Last Dance – “true brick red”
    I guess i have a resting sad face, because I look SO upset here, but really, I was not.  This looks way too orange in the tube, but dried a lot darker than expected.  If you  need a long-wear brick red lipstick, i highly recommend this one!
  3. Glitter – “rich red-violet”
    To be honest, I did NOT want to wear this.  I had never opened it was almost stuck shut and i would have been fine with that.  I am a red lipstick gal all the way, please no pinks ever (unless it’s brownish, then I’m in).  But….this one was super surprisingly flattering though!! What do you guys think?
  4. Be Merry – “mid-tone true warm pink”
    This one was fine…but not my favorite.  Again, no pinks please.  (Still not upset in this pic.  I will smile in all of them next time, promise.
  5. Bianca- “soft dusty pink”
    NOPE. nope nope nope.  The picture is doing this shade way more justice than it deserves, because in real life, it looked like I put pink foundation on my lips by accident and decided to leave it there.  Nope.


GAH okay, only smiling in pictures from here on out.  I’m sorry for scowling at all you guys out there.

But what do you think of the shades? What is your Colourpop favorite??

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