Newfound Favorite Store


I think I found one of my new favorite stores of 2016.  Stretchy clothing that is meant for everyday and not just the gym and casual Fridays?  Um yes please.

Kit & Ace is family-owned…. by the same family who also owns Lululemon.  So they obviously know a thing or two about comfy clothing.  Their idea to launch Kit & Ace stemmed from the family’s time ‘traveling abroad and working internationally’ (casual) and noting a gap in the luxury market – no sophisticated leisurewear!

I totally feel them on that. I try to wear my Lululemon leggings at least once a week to work but seriously, I look like I crawled out of bed without getting changed (actually what I do sometimes, don’t tell). So this is a game-changer for me.

Their clothing doesn’t come in bright colors, but focuses more on a subtle palette of black, grey, tan, pale rose, white, and light blue (perhaps they got the Color of the Year memo??).   But the fabricOh man, it is softer than maybe anything else I’ve felt, and I’ve felt a lot – I LOVE soft things. A lot.  This is what makes the store so amazing, and totally worth the high price tag (for the Tshirts at least).

A group of us social media gals got invited to the NoLita store to try on and give feedback on fit, design, and fabric of the clothes.  If I was thinking more and drinking wine/trying things on less, I would have taken pictures of all the clothes I tried on.  But sadly, I did not.  I guessssss I’ll have to go back. Darn.

DSC00510 copy


This jacket, man. *swoon*



The store we went to is their atelier location. (FYI “atelier” is a workshop or studio used by an artist or designer.  Google just told me.) 

These are some of their inspiration boards: basically just photos of girls who look adorable and sporty without actually being active.  DSC00522 copy

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