Staying Warm, or Trying to…

I basically turned into a snowman for these photos, so you’re welcome.


It was a great day of being outside in below-freezing weather (oxymoron?) with Dylan, who has pretty much been a virtual boyfriend for the last couple months.  He’s a pro, but I am not, so we will be working on the whole “camera face” thing, don’t you worry.

Being raised in Buffalo, I understand snow.  But it does NOT mean that I want to be outside and/or don’t feel the cold.  I actually have about 4 layers on in these photos and hope you can’t tell.  This Zara jacket is an oldie but goodie, and is surprisingly warm!

The Highline is a major tourist attraction in New York, but was desolate when we went on a cloudy, snowy day off.  Bundle up and get your butt out there! It’s worth it.


I think it’s time for me to work on “smiling with my eyes.” Promise I’m not as concerned as I appear in this photo

Some of my favorites from the day:


Don’t be fooled – it was the socks, not the boots, that were keeping my toes from freezing off.  Although I do love a good Bean Boot.


My head was just SO COLD. And the beanie from Urban Outfitters is the best!

6 responses to “Staying Warm, or Trying to…

  1. You’re lucky to be outside of Buffalo this week! It’s been a nightmare here – although it’s still better then last winter.


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