SatHAIRday – Pt 1. Pastel Hair Trend


If my super clever pun in the title isn’t clear, this is going to be a series published every Saturday with a roundup of the latest hair trends – new hair colors cuts, styles, and overall inspiration. Working in social media for a major hair care brand, I see a LOT of trends come and go, and have fallen in love with pastel hair (I even did it myself, here!)

This trend is definitely not for everyone, and the commitment it takes to try it is NO JOKE. To get these coveted pastel colors, you usually have to bleach your hair first. That’s some serious chemicals, man!! But these colors are so completely worth it.

I’ve rounded up some major hair inspiration to show your colorist when you decide to take the plunge (because you do have to go to a colorist for this – PLEASE don’t do this at home, especially if you have naturally dark hair).

That's me! Light pink rose gold hair from juliafwest.com717e854bf6eb0137e62e7e30e7da338edbf1a07bea30f0a12208380609f7e2242dcf8f36703aa59e5bfac50d9e8c16537bfc8ca24b9056efb451f00bf4cf7e0c415aeab5079b82585db9b59774f399d2Pastel Blue Hair - Hair inspiration from juliafwest.coma79a83096b0abd82797b9e4f416133c3cc4e452a9d8117e4fecba686087e9c7dad664c4ecfce3750e5754d1feaa50c02



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