Top 5 Lipsticks for 2016 (& Forever)


Because I started wearing lipstick regularly as a freshman in college, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on which lipstick shades work on me and which are worth the investment. The most important part when looking for lipstick is to find the shades that are right for you. Skin tone is a huge factor, as well as personal style – don’t go neon orange or purple if you don’t want to stand out! Over the years, some trendy shades have come and gone (goodbye bubblegum pink, hello 90’s brown!), but some remain classics: a brick red, a pinkish neutral, and a matte nude.

  1. Maybelline in Touchable Spice – Matte lipstick can be very drying and make chapped lips look worse than they feel, but this one glides on and feels smooth and hydrating. The color is the best everyday neutral – it gives a hint of pink

    A neutral pink hue with a creamy matte finish

  2. L’Oreal Paris in Sunset Red- This was my first red lipstick ever, and still is my go-to for every date night, Monday morning, or movie night. It’s the best. I’ve had so many friends borrow it, and it works on every skin tone! I affectionately call this one my “magic red.” But guys, it’s discontinued, so I’m working on finding a replacement. Stay tuned.
    A rich, creamy red. My fave!

    A rich, creamy red. My fave!


  3. MAC in Persistance- This baby is new to my collection, courtesy of my sister and a nice lady at Macys who gave us a gift card for no good reason (thanks lady!). This is definitely more of a trend shade, but I think it will stay in my collection for a long time. This shade has just the right amount of 90s brown and is a great dupe for Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit in Dolce K. See?

    A subtle brownish pink with a matte finish

    A subtle brownish pink with a matte finish


  4. NYX in Alabama- This looks similar to the L’Oreal Paris shade, except this is matte and a little darker.  Because I tend to look like a vampire when I try to be cool and wear oxblood or burgundy lipsticks, this is a great alternative with the same edgy vibe without going full-on goth.

NYX in Alabama. A super matte, bold red. Resembles MAC in Ruby Woo!


What are your favorite shades I just NEED to try??

10 responses to “Top 5 Lipsticks for 2016 (& Forever)

  1. Julia, I love this! Its so great to catch a glimpse of your life 🙂 MAC Persistsnce looks beautiful on you (as do all of them). One of my favorite shades of lipstick is called Sassy Fuschia by Mary Kay. I also received the Mood Matching Gift Set by Fran Wilson for Christmas from my sister & im in love with the majority of those shades as well! They are also super long lasting, lasting 12+ hours! I can even kiss my son without getting any on him & keep bold lips all night long!

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