I’m Glad We’re Both Here

Looking at a blank page, or a blank website is super intimidating. So I guess I’ll start with who I am – this is me:

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 9.14.39 PM

But more accurately (not at a wedding trying to impress my boyfriend’s family) this is me:


Because this blog is going to cover everything between the best lipstick shades of 2016 to my (mildly) epic adventures, I figured it’s best to start out with facts as random as I am:

  • My favorite foods are french fries and avocado, they’re both great and I will not hear otherwise. I’ve never had them together, but I think we’re onto something!
  • I work in the beauty industry…..but bite my nails and do my hair 3 days a week if I’m lucky. Doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a great mani and the importance of a proper haircut.
  • Red lipstick is the one thing I will put on an instantly feel better. Those Sunday errands seem a lot better when you are your lipstick is HOT. (this LINK is my fave)
  • My personal style consists of mostly neutrals (and olive green, does that count as a neutral?) messy hair, lipstick, silver rings, and gold necklaces.



(Post #1 done. HELL YEA)

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